For a long time now you’ve had nagging negative thoughts about yourself. You worry that while everyone else seems to have their life together, yours seems to be falling apart. You pretend everything is okay, but it’s not. You have had failed relationships, feel distant from those you love, and you sometimes think “I’m not enough”. Sometimes you look in the mirror and don’t recognize the person looking back at you and wonder if anyone could ever understand what you’re feeling. Sometimes you feel angry, hopeless and sad for no reason. Maybe there’s some stuff from your past that you’re struggling with, but there’s never been a good time or place to open up about it.


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If you don’t get help now, things can continue to feel worse. Those scary thoughts that you spend so much energy trying to push away will keep creeping back up, seeping into your social life, work and more.


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You can feel better if you really want to.

It’s not easy to take this step, but you are starting out on a road that can lead to the person you want to be. I’m glad you’re here.

I understand where you’re at now and what you want to be, but also how hard it is to get there. My work is dedicated to helping people understand how their past affects their present and future, and to help them gain control over their thoughts and feelings in a healthy way.

I promise to make taking the next step as stress-free as possible. I offer flexible online scheduling, online (telehealth) and in-person sessions, easy automatic payments and a cozy office space in downtown Beaverton with lots of free parking.

Your time is now. Make the commitment to yourself to start healing. 


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