Shout Out to My Mom Groups!

We’ve all seen the jokes/memes that float around Instagram and Facebook about mom groups, making fun of the idea of talking to strangers online about parenting and life advice, sharing pictures of our kids, commiserating about the terrible twos while toasting with a glass of wine from across the globe. We all just want to connect. Being a new mom...[ read more ]

Hey Mama

No one tells you about the “other side” of having a baby. The not-so fun, dirty, lonely, or dark side.  First of all, No one tells you that right after having the baby, you will still look about 6 months pregnant, just slightly more deflated. No one tells you that mesh underwear and giant menstrual pads will be your best...[ read more ]

What Trauma Does to Us

“I’m fine, it doesn’t affect me.” “It’s in the past, why do I need to talk about it now?” “I’m not triggered. I’m in control” “I don’t want to talk about it….” I tell my clients that having trauma that you’re not dealing with is like having a wound that you’re not cleaning up and taking care of. You keep...[ read more ]

Reaching the Limit

We’ve all had those moments. Life is just too hectic, and it’s getting harder to juggle all the balls in the air. It’s two weeks before school starts, and the kids are melting into the furniture, whining that they’re bored despite having a room full of untouched toys and games. You’re trying to get a few minutes of work in...[ read more ]

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