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Having a baby can be a beautiful, magical time, but it can also be scary, isolating, and not what you thought it was going to be. 1 in 7 moms will experience postpartum mood disorders, which are extreme shifts in your mood that last 3 weeks or longer after giving birth. Postpartum depression and anxiety aren’t always talked about. Unfortunately, a lot of moms feel shame and guilt about how they are feeling. But these conditions are VERY real, and ignoring and hoping they’ll go away on their own doesn’t work.

Symptoms of Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) can include:

Excessive crying and low mood
Excessive worry and fears that something bad will happen
Decrease in joy doing things you used to
Change in appetite
Difficulty sleeping (even when baby is sleeping)
Feeling numb, or not yourself
Intrusive thoughts about your labor/birth experience
Worry that you might cause harm to yourself or the baby
Difficulty connecting with your baby (that “love at first sight” feeling didn’t really happen for you, and you feel awful about it)
Thoughts that you’re not cut out for this, or that your family would be better off without you

A lot of these symptoms can feel really scary to have, so a lot of new moms just try to push through it on their own when they don’t have to. I know how lonely, terrifying and shameful it feels to have these ugly thoughts running through your head all day long when you’re supposed to be “enjoying every second” of your new baby.

I know because I was 1 in 7. When I finally reached out for help I felt so terrible about myself because “I’m a therapist, I should know how to pull myself out of this!”. Turns out therapists are not immune to mental health issues. Weird. You need to know that this is NOT YOUR FAULT. Counseling will help. Just being able to talk to someone about my daily struggles and have them listen, understand and provide support helped me through probably the toughest time of my life.

Call me today, I can help you through this. You are a good mom, and you deserve to be happy, you CAN be happy! I offer in-person sessions at my office in Beaverton, or online sessions because I know getting out of the house with a baby can be a big challenge.


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